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Extending Create Site

Question asked by bguy on Sep 12, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2010 by alfcpd
Hello everybody!

I'm trying to extend the create site information, but i'm getting some issues about that. I'm trying to add some other informations like, state, country, leaders of project…

First of all, where do i have to add the extra information (state, country, leaders…)?

Until now i'd modified the file create-site.get.html.ftl to add the extra information in the form. Now i'm confused about the model… Do i have to modify the file <alfresco>/model/siteModel.xml or extend it?

How i'll "push" the extended information in the model? I saw in the file <alfresco>/repository/sites/ a line that creates uses a function to create the site (below):

var site = siteService.createSite(sitePreset, shortName, title, description, isPublic);

Now, do i need to extend this function? I'm really confused in how add this information….

I'll be glad to have some help!

Thanks in advance!