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Backup Documentation Confusion, v.4.0  - Anybody???

Question asked by gt4431b on Jan 2, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2012 by damucksta

I'm an alfresco newbie, just starting with 4c.  It's an absolutely lovely application out of the box.  My first concern in my shiny new repository is getting backup to work.  I've found the page on documentation here, but I'm guessing this page goes with the 3.x version – nothing I see on this page or similarly concerned pages seems to correspond to anything I see in my server.

For example:
  • I don't have a backup-lucene-indexes directory.

  • Instructions on how to force a lucene backup point me to an MBean at
    .  I've walked up and down the MBean tree but I can't find anything remotely close to this.

  • There's no mention of SOLR in the instructions; I know that SOLR is just lucene with a shiny car sitting on top of the engine – SOLR documentation has the best metaphors ever – but especially as I see lots of SOLR MBeans (none of which have operations) I'm beginning to be really concerned that I'm reading the wrong docs.
Am I wrong to be so hornswoggled?  Or are there plans to correct this documentation?  I can't trust my lovely alfresco repo fully until I can back it up nice and securely.

- Bill

Update: Almost two weeks, lots and lots of views … no responses.  Does anybody not know anything about this?  Any crumb?  Any spec?