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Authentication Chaining: using CIFS, with LDAP sync

Question asked by petershine on Jan 13, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2010 by petershine
I am currently building a cloud system allowing remote users to access hosted Alfresco.
The most important feature in our my is using VPN allowing CIFS mapping for remote Windows users, not requiring them to use WebDAV.

If I use only Alfresco NTLM authentication, regular web logging-in(Explorer and Share), and even CIFS through VPN have no problem at all.
However, for the purpose of keeping user data in one place and possibly use it with other services, I've just begun to implement LDAP, specifically OpenLDAP under Debian environment.

So far, regular logging in and WebDAV have no problem. Though it's not easy to setup LDAP to be the primary place which only exports its user data to Alfresco, the aspect of having one unified place to keep user information is quite attractive.

However, this implementation caused critical problem not allowing CIFS access. From wiki document like, "Authentication Subsystem" an instruction is given to use chaining.

I've configured as instructed:

And configured other subsystem properties. Setting LDAP authentication active.

However, CIFS is still not working and I just can't find the right answer. Can anyone help me what I missed? Thank you