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Question asked by cybertoast on Jan 13, 2010
I just noticed that my load-time on several pages is multiple seconds, even when there's almost nothing on the page. Doing a Firebug NET profile tells me that the slowing thing on my page by far is the request to - on the order of 4-15 seconds!
I've traced this back to web-framework/source/java/org/alfresco/web/scripts/

result = messages.get(locale);
if (result == null)

    Writer writer = new StringBuilderWriter(8192);
    writer.write("if (typeof Alfresco == \"undefined\" || !Alfresco) {var Alfresco = {};}\r\n");
    writer.write("://\" alt=\"*\" style=\"display:none\"/>\'}, 100);\r\n");

Is there a properties or XML file that I need to set the locale in? And if so, which file and to what value?

Thanks much for any pointers.