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How to Use Custom Email Template 4 Sending Email from Share?

Question asked by nirvanvjain on Jan 4, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2012 by pawel_rzeszowski
Dear Folks,

I am new to Email Templates. I know Alfresco's default Email Templates are at Company Home/Data Dictionary/Email template space.

Now I want to create custom email template which is nothing but simple FTL file (Which I can do) but the problem or issue I am facing is how to use that template in Alfresco SHARE Webscript (JavaScript) for sending a mail with that email body which is again dynamic as per the template (i.e. Alfresco reads the template and place dynamic values in to that template as per the syntax and sends the mail).

Please help me with sample code or a sample example for using Email Template to send mails from Alfresco Share Site.