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Adding custom type while uploading document using web script

Question asked by arpit.gupta on Jan 4, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2012 by arpit.gupta
Hello Friends,

I am using Alfresco 4.0.b community edition with default solr implementation.

I am uploading documents in alfresco using upload web script as mentioned at

I have created a web script for searching documents using CMIS query.
I have added some meta tags while uploading the documents and want to search documents using those metatags.
For this purpose i have created a custom document type prop:documents and added my custom meta tags like prop:propertyid, prop:agreementid to it.

Now while uploading the document i have to add prop:documents as object type.
So can someone please suggest me how to add custom object type while uploading document using upload web script.