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What is the best surf development configuration?

Question asked by ojaro on Jan 4, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2014 by ddraper
Hi all,

Been spending my day getting frustrated with Surf. It seems like all documentation is badly out of date and tools such as Surf roo addon are badly out of date and therefore no longer work.

But I assume Surf is still very much being used since Alfresco itself it going strong?

Could someone advice what is the best way to go about a Surf development? People clearly cannot be using SpringSource Tool Suite/Roo route since that does not look like it has been maintained any longer. So what are people doing? Is the only way really to download Alfresco and start decoding the share application source code?

Sorry for so many questions. But have spent a day reading various documentations and they all seems to lead me to dead ends… Hopefully someone is able to share their knowledge on this.

Massive thanks already in advance,