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Displaying Empty Custom Aspect Property Values

Question asked by partypoopa on Jan 14, 2010

I am trying to populate custom aspect (which contains 41 custom properties) I've made.  I was able to do so, but I run into a problem when populating properties that are empty from the original record.  For example, some date fields from the original records are "empty/null", but after I populate them (via LiveCycle's DocumentManagementServiceClientImpl), it would show those empty fields with current date like "13 January 2010", I would like the empty Dates to appear empty and not display anything.

if the property has DOUBLE datatype, it would display 0.0.
if the property has DATE datatype, it would populate "13 January 2010" (ie., current date).

My question is, how do I remove values of the properties that I want it to appear as empty, since it is suppose to be empty from the original record that I am populating from?

Thanks in advance.