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Question asked by dflasse on Jan 14, 2010
I'm really confused.

I've sucessfully installed installed Alfresco 3.2r2 on windows 2003 SP2 server. Passthru Authentication against AD works pretty well for /alfresco /share and CIFS (although the share interface needs manual authentication. CIFS and /alfresco authentication is NTLM transparent for user. Can't find out why). LDAP sync with AD works well too.  

I know sharepoint vti is installed and respond on port 7070.

When I try to create a workspace from word 2007/windows 7 on http://myserver:7070/alfresco, after a dialog box asking me to authenticate (again!) I receive this error I can't address: "the action could not be completed. For more information, contact your administrator or try again later" (no kidding).

I can't find anything relevant in the logs although I guess I could improve the logging level if I knew what I should have a closer look on.

Any help much appreciated.