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Open Office Preview in Share not working

Question asked by newmember on Sep 14, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2013 by savic.prvoslav
The problem is an error/malfunction with or in OO that is causing me all the grief. When starting up Alfresco everything seems to work fine. Alfresco manages to start a headless instance of OO and itself starts up without problems.
For the communication between OO and Alfresco, OO opens a socket at port 8100 which is listening for requests coming from Alfresco. Such a request is the file handling of documents when you are browsing the document library.

When you try to preview a file in Alfresco, it initiates a connection with the OO socket and at that moment the socket closes due to some kind of exception and any kind of connection attempt from Alfresco to OO fails.

As a result, no preview can be seen in the web browser and the flash plugin idles forever seeming to load the page.

Now, I've been trying to find any reference in the web regarding problems with the socket, tried to verify the start parameters when running OO headless, etc. but did not come across any information that would give me a hint.

I have used the rpms from the OO website to install OO.

Does anyone have any thoughts regarding this trouble I am having?
OO   ver3.1
Alfresco 3.2Community