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PHP Amp or PHP Library Clarification Help?

Question asked by jaybytez on Sep 14, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2010 by cfe
I am currently trying to get the PHP functionality working for the MediaWiki integration.

I am confused about the MediaWiki which maybe caused by the same confusion on PHP.

Is PHP Amp Install different or newer and more recommended than PHP Library?

I have already successfully done the PHP Amp Installation and it looks like when I try to follow the PHP Library Installation that I cannot find the the library, and also most of the steps listed in testing the PHP Library, I can do with just the PHP Amp Installation.

So is Amp Installations a newer way of adding certain functionalities?  Because both the PHP wiki documentation and MediaWiki documentation show what appears to be conflicting documentation.  One that is based more on AMP installation and one based more on PHP Library installation.

Any clarification someone can provide would be helpful.