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Alfresco VS Liferay : they do the same, functionaly speaking

Question asked by zomurn on Jan 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2012 by mikeh
Knowing both, I can conclude Alfresco AND Liferay do :

- Document management
- CMS with liferay / WCM with alfresco
- Portlet in liferay / Dashlet with alfresco

where Portlet better then dashlet because portlet are JEE standard JSR-286, applications can interroperate through portlets, not through dashlets (proprietary)

Technically speaking :

- RESTFul both (in liferay with URL friendly framework).
- YUI+Javascript+Webscript+Freemarker for front layer with alfresco
- AUI (derived from YUI) + Javascript + Velocity + JSP/JSTL for front layer with liferay
- Spring + hibernate + lucene both

What are the differences functionaly speaking ?

In front of a customer, how to argue Liferay VS Alfresco … both allow the same functionalities.