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Question asked by samthakur74 on Sep 15, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2009 by sacsp
I am trying to figure out if i really need a CMS solution or can i get away with using RDBMS.
The highlights of the requirements are:
1. This is a web application which manages workflow of documents between various stake holders.
2. Meta data for documents does not need to be "ripped". It will be provided as part of the file upload
3.Search is on file metadata only. Not on file content.
4. We need to maintain last 3 versions of the document for compliance purposes
5. The usual features on user and role management

I felt that for the requirement above, one really does not require a CMS. The files could be stored as LOB's in an RDBMS.
Workflow, user management , seem to me are not reasons to choose a CMS solution.

What are the top reasons for using a CMS solution?
Please let me know you thoughts