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Can you pre-populate user accounts for Share using SQL?

Question asked by ghicky on Jan 15, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2010 by zaizi
I have Alfresco share working with passthru back to Windows for authentication. This works wonderfully. User accounts are automatically created when a user first comes logs on to Alfresco Share. My question is:

I am already using a CIFS share that is tied to a public group. Users who try to connect to the share, but who have never logged in to Alfresco Share, cannot connect. Once they have an account, they are fine.

Instead of having every user log on once to create the Alfresco user, is there an easy way to pro-populate the user accounts using SQL? I noticed a table named alf_authority. Can I simply create my list of paasthru users in this table? I can handle making the unique id filed, but how do I populate the CRC field? Are there other tables that would also need to be updated?

Thanks in advance