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Check for duplicate documents during upload

Question asked by sebp on Sep 15, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2009 by sebp
Is there a way to check if a document is already in the repository?

Background: In the past (without ECM) a team was used to share their documents via email. Everyone who got a document saved it somewhere on his private storage. Now, they've created a project structure in Alfresco and start uploading their docs. Since everyone has nearly the same documents this will lead to duplicates if either:
- two team members save one and the same document in different Alfresco folders or
- if two team members have the same document but one of them renamed it. So they will now save the same document with different names in the same Alfresco folder.

Is there a way to avoid this e.g. by automatically checking the contents of a document? I think this is a common problem when migrating to Alfresco.