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Change external alfresco url (/service/cmis) for iphone ap

Question asked by goebel on Jan 7, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by umamaheswari

We have a testing alfresco server (4.0c) which is behind a firewall an we want to open it for external use. We did some apache rewrite rules and the web interface for alfresco and share is available from internet. So everything works correctly for alfresco and share.

The server is available through internal url : http://myalfresco:8080/alfresco
The server is available through external url :

But when we try the iphone/ipad application, we are able to connect and see the sites. But when we try to enter a site we get an error in the ios app "Alfresco Mobile did not connect to http://myalfresco:8080/alfresco/service/cmis/s/workspace/…..
The problem is that the iphone app gets the internal url from the webservice. When I try the url from internal network I am able o download the xml data which is send from the server to the client. In this xml data, all the href point to http://myalfresco:8080/alfresco instead of

I checked the forums and tried a lot of modifications in but whithout success :-(
For instance, I tried to change these parameters


Every time I tried the cmis services, I always get the internal hostname

Does anybody have a hint how to fix it ?

Thanks a lot

Georges Goebel