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From now : go for Activiti Workflow or jBpm one ?

Question asked by zomurn on Jan 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2012 by mitpatoliya

I have to design a workflow process for my new project.
I go for Alfresco CE 4.0c which integrate both type of workflow : Activiti and jBpm
The big advantage of Activiti are all graphical tools for each person concerns about workflows : analyst, developer and administrator.
+ : In particular, it presents a history of a task and all statistics of current workflow in progress.
- : Maybe not so mature (missing share ui form component) in alfresco.
That Advantage point is required for my customer and is the reason why I'am looking to Activiti workflow so close.

On the other side, I have jBpm workflow. Give up by Alfresco (no evolution) and will be replace by Activiti workfow later.
- : It doesn't offer history of a 'in progress" workflow.
+ : it is mature and fully operationnal

And one question : It is easily possible to monitor embedded Activiti engine inside alfresco with graphical tools like Activiti probe (monitoring workflows and tasks) ?

According to you, for which one I should go with for now ?

Thanks for your replies.