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scansnap scan to alfresco (instead of sharepoint) ?

Question asked by robinet on Jan 17, 2010

We are using Fujitsu Scansnap S1500 scanners with the "scan to sharepoint" function by knowledgelake.
As Alfresco has the sharepoint protocol, I hope we would be able to upload to Alfresco by this way.

But I do not find how to specify the correct credentials for it to work …
I tried with the hosted Alfresco Entreprise demo version.
But no luck until now …

The Alfresco site (Test) I would like to upload to has the following url :
And the "scan to sharepoint" connector asks me the following input :
Sharepoint URL
Site name
And username, password and domain

What do I have to input there ???

The only way I obtained something else than "404 not found" or some cryptic error message was to specify :
Sharepoint URL :
With the username and password as supplied by alfresco demo and "domain" left empty.
But I get "invalid credentials" …

Any help would be great !
Thanks in advance.