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End State  - Whats it for ...

Question asked by norgan on Sep 16, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2009 by norgan
Hello together,

I have a question about the role of the node "End State".

Following Setup

1) Start-Node, go to 2)
2) Decision : "Be(3)" or "Not to be(7)"
3) Fork to 3.a) and 3.b)
3.a) Do what I want then to 4)
3.b) Do what my father does not want, then to 4)
4) Join 3a + 3b, then on to 5)
5) Fork to 6 and 7
6) Send underling to Request "Get me a horse". Dont wait for success message, but immidiately go to 8)
7) Closingprocedure, then go to 8)
8) Endstate

So - now the questions:
a) Do I must have a join between 6+7 and 8 ?
b) (side note .. I will read on, though :) )How does a super-workflow get signaled, wether it comes from 6 or 7. Is this something in the "END state", or do I need a global parameter ?

Thanks in advance