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File names degenerate spontaneously after some time

Question asked by michalwrobel on Jan 9, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2012 by michalwrobel
I'm dealing with a strange problem with one of alfresco instances I maintain.

Symptoms are always the same:

Alfresco 3.4e

1. Files with diacritical signs in names are uploaded/created (to be specific polish signs like ąęłóćż )
2. By this point everything looks fine names are perfectly all right, but after some lapse of time (few days, more than one day, but don't know exactly yet)…
3. All diacritical signs in names get changed to '?' question marks, well all except 'ó'
               It doesn't matter if these files are uploaded/created or whether they're text or binary, the problem occurs on ALL files and ALL regardless I'm viewing them using Share or Explorer.

4. Strange thing occurring in Share, but not in Explorer - after typing something in search box, and clicking search diacritical signs get substituted for other diacritical signs.

I've spent two days with this problems and I'm stuck. Some things I've already tried:
               - Nothing really alarming in logs

               - Encoding in MySql database seems ok (utf-8)

               - MySql is explicitly configured to use utf-8 in my.cnf

               - Database connection string is explicitly changed to use utf-8 too.

               - Think it may be related with Lucene indexes (because it's not instant error) but deleting indexes and rebuilding with FULL option didn't solve the problem, nor helped to reproduce it. (So it seems that indexing have no influence here).

Looks like some background periodic process malforms the file names (some strange transformation?) but I don't have any clue, cause I double checked the indexing.. Orphan repository purging doesn't make sense here either. Do you know other periodic processes in Alfresco?
I've seen problems with question marks on this forum but it was mainly bad database configuration and faulty letters where visible instantly - not after big lapse of time like in my case…