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[Workaround]'Unexpected element alfresco-config' on ANTBuild

Question asked by norgan on Sep 16, 2009
Hi folks,
I have a little problem with my eclipse environment : More and more, I have the problem, that I cannot build my code. Even the example codes from Jeff Potts get into trouble.
Error : Buildfile: D:\Working\dev\alfresco-3\someco-client-extensions-ch2\config\alfresco\extension\web-client-config-custom.xml

D:\Working\dev\alfresco-3\someco-client-extensions-ch2\config\alfresco\extension\web-client-config-custom.xml:1: Unexpected element "{}alfresco-config" {}alfresco-config

Workaround : Update : A Refresh of the project solves the problem. I can live with that, But still -maybe someone knows the real fix.
Was :Close project & reopen again. One time, I even closed eclipse because closing the project twice did not help. (Just now, it seems a "Build Project" helped as well - I have to observe that.)

I guess, that relates to the validation routines, somehow finding the modelschema.xsd and deciding to use that. But that is a very basic guess. Any ideas ?

I use the standard examples from