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Alfresco client portlet: you can't add content!

Question asked by icarrara on Jan 18, 2010
Hi all,

I'm using Liferay Portal 5.1.2 and Alfresco ECM 3.2r2 deployed as portlets, using Tomcat 5.5.26.

Tomcat, Liferay and Alfresco starts up ok, no errors.
6 Alfresco portlets are deployed onto liferay (registered successfully).

As you can see in other threads in Alfresco's forum there is a big problem:  You can't add/upload content in Alfresco's folders.

You can add the Alfresco client portlet to a portal page, but when you try to 'add a content' - you get the error:
([org.alfresco.web.ui.common.Utils] A system error happened during the operation: null
at org.alfresco.repo.content.filestore.FileContentReader.<init>(

So, the Alfresco client is not useful as a portlet.

This is a problem since a long time, also using previous Alfresco version.

Please, anyone can help on this?
Thank you!