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Like to know how to download all the contents from Alfresco

Question asked by karthic on Sep 16, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2009 by norgan
Hi All
I 'm a new member to this impressive forum. I am also new to the Alfresco world.

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Coming to the issue, I got a assignment in Alfresco, My organisation has installed Alfresco (version not known at present, Will try to check soon) many years back for a Department and now the Department leadership has planned to move to Microsoft Sharepoint Sites.

I come from Sharepoint end and due to the non-existence of the Alfresco technical team, I am struck at a issue which we were not able to solve. Hence posting it these forums hoping I would get a very good solution.

ISSUE: Data in the Alfresco site goes in terms of GBs'(some 40 gb) and the task is to transfer this data to the Sharepoint site. From the Sharepoint end, I feel uploading the files to Sharepoint would not consume much time since we shall upload in bulk(though this too has a size limit) But I am stumbled on how to download all the data to a local machine or transfer this data to the Sharepoint site directly.

Is there any tool to download all the content from the Alfresco to a local machine at once? Any work-around 's are also invited and appreciated.