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Show status of workflow steps

Question asked by rsingleton on Sep 16, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2010 by groberts
I'm looking to use alfresco for document review and approval. One of the important things I need is for users to be able to see the status documents are in during movement through a workflow. Is there a way to create workspace that lists all the documents in that workspace along with the current step of the workflow the document is in.

For instance I have a workflow that goes through 3 reviews before approval. I would like to quickly see all my list of documents and which user has them for review.

The only thing I was able to see is drilling into each document details specifically and then it only says what workflow that document is part of, not which step. and it would be cumbersome to go into every document individually. Would be great if in list view you can see the current status of each document.