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Links and Versioning

Question asked by jorisvdb on Jan 19, 2010
From external pages,links can be put to documents in Alfresco.
When versioning is on and documents are updated, the links refer to the old document instead of the updated version.
Can this be changed so the links always refer to the most recent version of the document?

Maybe it was not so clear.
How to reproduce this:
Select a document that is set to revisioning = true.
Right click on the document and copy the link (location). Past this link in to eg notepad
Edit the document offline and load it up again.
Mark as done editing
Paste the previous link from notepad into your browser and check the document you've received.
You will notice the link is still pointing to the old version.

If not:
Is it possible to work around this problem?  Perhaps when a document is blocked for editing, I would like to create a rule which duplicate the document to a backup space before the edited document is uploaded again.  However I have noticed that the Update type is launched after the document is updated.
Is it possible to add a type which will be invoked before the update or editing takes place?