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Permissions/role confusion

Question asked by cybertoast on Jan 19, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2010 by dacedos
I have a role/permission problem that I don't understand. Here's what I did:
* Create site (foo) in /share as a regular userA
* Log in to /alfresco as admin and set the site's permissions to have EVERYONE have Site Collaborator rights (so EVERYONE now has Read, Site Consumer and Site Collaborator)
* Log in as userB to join this site, by calling:

data = {"role":"SiteCollaborator", "person": {"userName" :}};
retval=conn.put("/api/sites/" + publicSite.shortName +
                      "/memberships/" + encodeURIComponent(,
                      jsonUtils.toJSONString(data), "application/json")
This call responds with:

Caused by: 00190088 The current user does not have permissions to modify the membership details of the site foo.

This works  fine for all except this one site, and I can't figure out why, or even where to start looking. Is there a role/permission/site-properties cache that I need to clear? Since I've given EVERYONE SiteCollaborator rights on foo shouldn't any new user who logs in be able to run the above PUT request and join foo as SiteCollaborator?