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Alfresco3.4.d  installation issue on linux

Question asked by abhashree on Jan 11, 2012
Hi All,

I was installaing alfresco3.4.d community edition on fedora 9.

I was executing the binary file ..the installation process was completed .
When I started the service of alfresco then I faced the following issue like

mysqld_safe Logging to/ path to alfresco installation folder/mysql/data/mysqld.log'.
mysqld_safe Starting mysqld.bin daemon with databases from  /path to alfresco installation folder/mysql/data
mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file  path to alfresco installation folder/mysql  /data/ ended
/path to alfresco installation folder/scripts/ : mysql  could not be started

I used the bundled mysql during installation.
Please help me to get rid from this problem.

Thanks in advance