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Modifying the my-tasks dashlets?

Question asked by sepp on Sep 17, 2009
I've managed to write a custom workflow and a custom model for my Alfresco 3.2 community installation. The workflow model contains a custom mandatory association called mm:person which consists of the target class cm:person and is set via the task mm:setPerson from the workflow mm.
I've also written a small webscript in Alfresco which should allow me to set this variable via Share. Right now I'm stuck with the my-tasks dashlet. I'm aware that advanced workflow support is still under development, but I think this shouldn't be too hard…

I do already have some thoughts about how to select a user _before_ hitting the transition beneath the documents attached to the workflow task in the my-tasks dashlet. Right now I'm checking if the task description matches task.type in my-tasks.get.html.ftl. From there on I thought I could either
a) link to a simple jsp popup via javascript using something like […] href="javascript:open[…] and show a basic people selector which fills in what I need (but this seems a bit ugly) or
b) copy & paste from the people-selection included in the documentlibrary action onActionAssignWorkflow which seems a bit hard to do with the yui…

In any case I don't know how to select a user for my mm:person from Alfresco Share. What would be the _easiest_ way to manage this and are there any things I should be aware of?