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Previewing ASP files and Test Servers

Question asked by lilyh on Jan 20, 2010

The Alfresco Virtual Server allows a user to preview web content including JSP files but when a user wishes to preview ASP files, (from my knowledge,) this must be done via a test server.
The available method would be to:
1. Create web content via a web form.
2. Deploy sandbox to a test server.
3. Preview the contents from the test server.

Is there a way for the deployment to a test server to be automated so that a user may preview ASP pages from the creation of content via a web form process?
Say, when you create web content, you are presented with the web form wizard, after inserting your data into the web form, the last step allows you to preview the content created before concluding the process. Is there a way to preview ASP content from this final step of the wizard?