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3.4 -4 upgrade caution

Question asked by digihorse on Jan 12, 2012
Just want to post a little warning I just became aware of. I recently completed an upgrade from 3.4d community to 4.0b ( a laborious process I might add)  All went well except for 1 site.  Seems that the users had a couple of documents locked for editing at the time of the upgrade.  That folder containing those documents shows empty with a Red Bar and no content.  I did run an .acp backup of every site before the upgrade, just in case and found the documents inside that .acp.  I also found them via the  /alfresco repo browser.  So they have been restored.

However, I can't get rid of that old folder because the "original" node is "missing" even though its actually there.  Very frustrating.  It would be nice, if there were a "master kill switch" for the master admin to clean up these types of messes.  Although… as I write this…. I think of the node browser… hmmm…..  :twisted: