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Flash preview not working at all

Question asked by olivierdz on Jan 20, 2010
I'm trying to get the flash document preview working and also the flash uploader tool.
- I have pdf2swf 0.9.0 installed.
- I have imagemagick and openoffice
- pdf2swf tested with command line : OK
I added "" in file to more info on file transformation.
When I start Alfresco, no special information; if I put a wrong path for pdf2swf, I have an error message. So as I have nothing, I think I can considere that pwd2swf is working.
When I have a look at the properties of a pdf document, I see nothing. In the log file, I have the information that Alfresco try to transform the document from "application/pdf" to "text/plain" not to "swf".
The same happens for OpenOffice document, but this time I can see the generated text.
Other info : the flash uploader tool never appear.
Any idea ?