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Lucene issue after ASR deployment in destination server

Question asked by kirit on Jan 20, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2010 by kirit

I have customized the ASR functionality to deploy only a single content to the destination server like ASR (I am not using the snapshot deployment, instead i have added an action for every content, on click of which it will call a hook classes to deploy that particular content on the destination alfresco server's staging sandbox, mostly i have used the existing API's methods and code).
I am getting my content deployed to my destination server. but when i try to search that content using the lucene query from node browser its not giving me result. i have made sure that from web-client UI i can see the content but its not coming in lucene search result.

strange is, if i do re-indexing with mode=FULL for number of times then in some case its coming in lucene search result.

so is there any method which i need to call from my source while deploying content, so that on destination side my content got indexed or any other settings either in source or destination side do i need to make so that incoming content got into lucene indexe.?