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Question asked by andre.pietsch01 on Sep 18, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2009 by andre.pietsch01

I simply do not get it.

I want to maintain a website using Alfresco.

I installed the Alfresco Ubuntu Package and it installed fine. I can log into Alfresco and I created a web project. But what do I do now?

I want Alfresco to present my web page when going to, given that Tomcat runs on Port 80 there or I have port 80 mapped to 8080 using a router.

Is there a tutorial explaining this use case from start to end?

I tried to follow the web studio tutorial but it did not work in many places using the Alfresco installer. The Ubuntu Package does not have web studio, but I would be fine even placing the html myself.

How? The online help is talking of web forms. But I do not want to take user data, just display html.

Thanks in advance!