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FTP upload does not trigger import-ACP rule

Question asked by luminary_mj on Sep 18, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2009 by luminary_mj

We are trying to import content to Enterprise 3.1 by uploading ACP files to a space with the "Import an Alfresco content package" rule applied.

We have a standalone Java app that creates ACPs and places them in the import space via FTP, as per

The ACP is successfully uploaded, but it does not appear to trigger the import rule. We've tried active and passive mode. There's nothing in the error logs and setting the rule to run in the background makes no difference.

If the ACP is uploaded to the space via the Web Client interface, the rule is triggered and it is imported without any problems. However, due to the 4GB limit of the Zip format, we will have a large number of ACPs and would much rather automate this process.

It appears this issue was raised in JIRA over a year ago but was closed despite not being fixed

Any suggestions would be appreciated.