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content live cycle/ work flow draft-dev-staging-production

Question asked by bwakkie on Jan 21, 2010
I am wondering if the wcm can handle the following content live cycle workflow?

Group commit:
Imagine I have a little marketing campaign project and change like 20 files and media. I only want the whole bunch to move to different stages at the same time (and preferably locked for checkout by others). I am still able to remove and to move in other files from my little project.

server workflow


In case of DEV this could be the local computer but we rsync the content also to a separate server like every 5 min.

[new_content.php]—— EDIT –  ———–+—–+——+
        V                                   |     |      |
     +——+                               |     |      |
     |draft———rsync—-> [DEV](ok?)->No     |      |
     |  |   |                         |           |      |
     |  |<————————– yes      [ROLLBACK] |
     |  V   |                                     |      |
     |stag.———rsync——-> [STAGING](ok?)->No     |
     |  |   |                               |            |
     |  |<——————————– yes       [ROLLBACK]   
     |  V   |                                            | 
     |prod.———rsync———–> [PRODUCTION](ok?)->No

rsync source (on the local WCM deployment folders):
[DEV]        /repository/draft/new_content.php
[STAGING]    /repository/staging/new_content.php
[PRODUCTION] /repository/production/new_content.php

rsync destination server folders:
[DEV]        /www/new_content.php
[STAGING]    /www/new_content.php
[PRODUCTION] /www/new_content.php

Is this the best approach? We have currently a similar setup where the CMS saves the content of different stages to different folders locally and post-deployment we execute a bash script to handle the rsync process.