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Alfresco v 3.0 LDAP Users

Question asked by sonanaren on Sep 19, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2009 by dward
Hi Team,

We have installed Alfresco V 3.0 with mysql As background. We have integrated with LDAP.

Its working fine, i am able to auto login with the NT Crediential.

i am going to manage Alfresco. Alfresco is importing all the users from LDAP, but i dont want some users as they are no more with this company.

Can i delete the users in Alfreso. Will the alfresco again try to import users from LDAP. I dont want it to happen With out my knowledge.

Hope i am clear with my issue. Alfresco v 3.0 is simply great.

Await your esteemed reply.