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Import Samba Group

Question asked by rzavila on Jan 13, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2012 by rzavila
Dear Sirs

I am trying to migrate or at least integrate Alfresco with my samba-ldap  server
I was just been able to install alfresco and authenticate against my openldap database,although  all the users were imported, none of my samba groups was.

I just noticed an old 2006 post about importing samba groups, but the only solution offered was alter the source code

the think is the samba group which is the majority of my groups, and do not have the objectclass  groupOfnames

I changed my




the system starts but still dont get the samba groups

I am not been able to add the groupOfNames objectclass to the samba groups. There is somethink about the nis.schema dont allow that.

by the way if the answer still is "changed the code in LDAPGroupExportSource to support this. "

How can I do that  :) Please  somebody could point me to the right direction

thanks in advance