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CIFS locking/timeout issue?

Question asked by scottl on Jan 13, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2012 by clementus

I am running Alfresco CE 4.0.c under Linux(centos).  I have problems with users running Office 2007 that are getting errors in excel saying that they can't save documents after a period of inactivity on the sheet they are editing.  These users are working off of mapped drives on windows XP and windows 7 .

These users are keeping excel sheets open all day long and incrementally adding data to them throughout the day.  After 5-6 hours  of inactivity on the sheet , when they come back to update further, excel brings up an errors message saying  "Docuement not Saved". From that point on you can only bring the document up in read-only mode.

These users are remote and connect to us via an IPSEC VPN connection.

I am in the process if trying to replicate this problem(albeit locally)not over vpn  and with office 2010). I will setup temp machine with office 2007 to see if it behaves differently.

Any idea how to track this down?  I don't see any errors relating to this is my catalina.out log file. I am not sure where to begin.  I am not a tomcat/java guy.