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search with custom properties in Advanced search

Question asked by rama.honge on Sep 20, 2009

I have a custom properties called "country", by which we can search with this property. During upload a doc, user will be able to select either of these values for country ("APAC, Eurpore, Global, Americas etc).

My issues, is when I search with a value say("ANY") for country, it must return all the docs available for the all the countries(APAC, Euport, Global, Americas etc). But this is not working, as the property does support the wildcard charcter(*) for the country property and also it is always expecting one value for search.

Pls refer the below code.
search.addAttributeQuery(ContentModel.PROP_COUNTRY, properties.getCountry());

Is there any way to search of all the country values using "ANY" value for country?

Any help much appreciated.