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Liferay or Drupal integration

Question asked by pcharsle on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2012 by resplin
We need to provide a public website as the presentation frontend to Alfresco. Users will access our web site and when they login, they will be logged in to Alfresco Share. Our web site will also contain content published in Liferay. Both Liferay and Drupal seem to be popular choices. However, I have a few questions that hopefully someone can help us with:

1. Integrating with another application would mean that there would be another database to manage. For instance, the Drupal database has its own tables with users, permissions and groups that are similar to those in Alfresco. This would mean that the user would have to login to both applications. What is the best way to manage this? Perhaps using LDAP to hold the user and group data? Or is there a way to avoid having to use Drupal authentication at all?
2. Drupal seems a simpler choice since it is very modular whereas Liferay comes with a full suite of collaboration tools which are already implemented in Alfresco Share. Can anyone point me to other reasons why I would choose one against the other?