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Open Network Folder error: cannot find path, file

Question asked by targa2000 on Jan 22, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2010 by norgan
installed Alfresco 3.2 EE on Windows Vista laptop not on a network.  Using Alfresco as http://localhost:8080/alfresco on ie7.

There is an icon beside the name of a space that on mouseOver says 'Open Network Folder \\{machine name}A\Alfresco\Sites\test \documentLibrary\Projects'.  I don't know where the 'A' is coming from after the machine name.   :?:   This could be one reason for the error.  When I click this icon, a Windows Internet Explorer message box opens with the error message '"file://{machine name}a/Alfresco/Sites/test /documentLibrary/Projects" cannot be found.  Please be sure the path or internet address is correct.'

Is there some setting in Windows Networking that needs to be set to use Alfresco 3.2 EE as localhost when not on a network?  Or would anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this issue?