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How to import custom data

Question asked by zomurn on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2013 by mdutoo
Hello everybody,

I'am playing with alfresco wqs and managed to install and import data preview (finance, government).
I wish to go one step beyond : import my custom web site.
For this, I need to build an acp file which will be boostraped by the wqs module.
My question is : how to build this ACP file ? How and where to create all the site's file so as to export them easily and later import into an alfresco ?
Do I need to create my files and folder manually (for section, pages,etc.) in document library ?
Is their any skeleton to start developping my own alfresco web site ?

How to do if I want to develop new webscripts and new css and new templates in addition to section and pages in document library … and then package it all in a acp (or war ?) file ?

Thanks fo your answers.