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Java app with Alfresco DMS

Question asked by ankurbansal05 on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2012 by oops_007

We are developing a java web application with alfresco as document management system. Considering that java application will be pretty big in itself we are considering deploying alfresco separately unless there is a strong case
for deploying them together. The java web app should be able to display documents to the user, allow them to make some changes and then save those changes to the repository.

Based on reading through the documentation I am thinking of accessing alfresco repository using REST remote API. The java web app will write custom java code to invoke and consume the REST remote API to build the required user interface. Another alternative is to use presentation web scripts in the java web app to access the repository. Can anybody advise on what should be the recommended approach. Also I am unable to get hold of a good documentation that can tell me how to invoke and consume the REST remote API.