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Question asked by herner on Jan 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2012 by herner
Hi forum, I new with Alfresco and I have some question. I#ve searched in this forum but I found no answers:

1. Is it possible to merge contact lists from different sites into one big contact list (or put it into one database table)?

2. Is it possible to add more (custom) attributes to the create site dialog and use this attribute direct in the underlying database?

3. Alfresco stores the content in *.bin files in the file system and not in the database, right? It there a way to store the content in the database?

Thanks a lot, a little bit more about me: I used SharePoint in the past found and evaluated Alfresco a few weeks ago. So for further project I will use Alfresco. Alfresco has a modern GUI and meets all my needs.

Regards, Arnd.