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Explorer to Share migration

Question asked by dgenard on Sep 21, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2009 by norgan

We developped a Document Management solution based on Alfresco Explorer interface.
Customizations were done in Alfresco 2.x way of doing :
- Space custom views
- Custom actions
- Custom workflows
- …

The documents are stored in a hierachical structure lookling like
- Department
    - Service
        - Case
            - Documents

Now, the customer likes the Share interface : simpler and more intuitive, with web 2.0 features (wiki, tags, shared agenda, activities tracking, …)

So, we'd like to progressively support the Share interface.
The first step could be a read-only interface : search, browse, and read documents. With some extras : activites, tags and comments.

How could we migrate our current document structure to Share sites ?
Do we have to reorganize the whole document hierarchy under "Company Home/Sites", or can we configure Share to display the unmodified current structure ?
Is it or will it be soon possible to management edit documents and metadata from both Explorer or Share interface ?
Any advice or experience feedback is welcome.