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Adding users to Alfresco

Question asked by unknown-user on Jan 23, 2010
So we are in quite a pickle, trying to get users into Alfresco.

Our client needs to get 420K users (and their groups) into Alfresco.  Unfortunately, their LDAP does not support groups, but rather lists roles as user attributes.  So we can not get users into groups via this method.

Our next effort was to use the person webscript to add users and subsequently add them to groups.  Unfortunately this scales horribly.  The performance breakdown is almost solely on the adding users to groups (we have added metrics to our job that continually invokes webscripts and 90% of the time to run is from adding users to groups…note we don't even have that many groups).  Performance degrades after just a few thousand users.

So we are left looking for alternatives.  Has anyone had any luck doing an import/export on just users/groups?  If we can get this to run in at least one environment, at least we can promote across environments this way.

Or, alternatively, has anyone done a full repo import/export with a lot of users?