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Pagination total count and performance issues

Question asked by romschn on Jan 17, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2012 by romschn
Hi All,

I have implemented server side pagination for one of my requirements in alfresco share. In which I am doing below things in a JS based webscript.
1. Fire a lucene query and get the total count of records from the result received
2. Perform the same query giving paging objects and prepare JSON response of resulted records.

I have observed that - getting the records count in step-1 above is taking a long time. Hence, the performance is degraded. I have around 15000+ records and it may get extended to more than it.
I checked giving the hard-coded value for total count and then performance of the pagination is really good.

Could anyone please help me how can I get the count of records using lucene and get the good performance.