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Duplicate users

Question asked by uwe on Jan 24, 2010
I run Alfresco and Share on a testserver, Ubuntu 8.0.4, Alfresco 3.2.0 (2039) community edition, installed from alfresco-tomcat bundle.

I handle the user-accounts in Alfresco, no ldap involved.

I create a user-account for say "John Smith" (firstname, lastname), with user-id "john". I can login as john in share and create sites, say "SiteA" and "SiteB". In the dashboard of john both sites are displayed and can be selected.

After some time - and that may be hours or weeks - logging in as "john" in share shows no available sites. "john" can see both sites in the site finder, but cannot join. In the front end there is a simple message like "cannot join" (sorry I use the german GUI, so I don't know the exact words). In catalina out I find '00240141 "The user , john is already a member of  and cannot be invited again"' followed by freemarker exception.

In the administrator panel I now find two users with the same ID "john", one with the correct settings of "John Smith" the other one simply "john", no valid email, no image, no lastname. I suppose, when logged in to share this second user and his privileges were used, so no site was found to be displayed in the dashboard. Now I can delete the user "john", but afterwards the original "John Smith" remains in the list, but can neither be deleted, nor used to login.

Deleting the datastore and database didn't help anything, after a few days the same situation occured. I do not find any hint in the logs, there are only lots of "guest authentication not supported" messages, but I find no relation to the affected users. Which user is affected shows no system, users with admin privileges used quite often are as well duplicated, as users with limited privileges, that are rarely used. This process does not stop after one duplication, after some time even five nearly-clones may be there.

First question is, whether anyone has an idea how to find the reason and reproduce or avoid this problem, second question of course whether there is any chance to get rid of the duplicates without a complete reset of datastore and database.

Thanks in advance.