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How to get result of a webscript back to the dashlet

Question asked by kay_be_ on Jan 18, 2012
I made a dashlet that contains a form asking for a filename. It will be processed by a js that will seach the file and get the details displayed in that dashlet. Problem is that I can't find a way back from the javascript that s processing the post request back in to my dashlet.

<div class="dashlet">
   <div class="title">File details</div>
   <form name="inputform" action="${url.service}" method="post" enctype='multipart/form-data'>
      Filename: <input type="text" name="filename" id="filename" /><br />
      <input type="submit" name="submit" value="submit" />
   <#if filename?exists>
   <p>Filename is ${filename}</p>
      <#if error?exists>   
It is registered as a dashlet and the helloworld.get.desc.xml description is
  <shortname>get file name</shortname>
  <description>get file name</description>

After a submit it calls a webscript
var file="";

for each (field in formdata.fields)
  if ( == "filename")
    var file = field.value;

model.filename= file;

This JS is eventually going to get more file details and it will make this available in the model.
Now I want to return to the original dashlet using the filename in the model. I can go to with that data but it is not the dashlet but a white page where I can make a template for the model but it is not a dashlet. How can I let it return to the original dashlet?

If more code details are needed or the story is not clear I'll be glad to provide more details.