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Broken links in Share wiki

Question asked by xwu on Sep 22, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2014 by joemcmonagle
Hi, I have created some links on the Alfresco wiki page, and one of the links to the document in the "document library" keeps breaking. It seems that Alfresco treats those links to the contents of the site as internal links, and thus, automatically truncate the first part of the full address; i.e., "http://[ourwebsite]/share/page/site/[outsite]", once you created and save the wiki post.

However, when you try to edit the same post, all the other links will be fine (including the links to blog/discussion/other wiki pages/) excepts those to the documents in the "document library", which turns out to be "http://document-details?nodeRef=workspace://SpacesStore/e28b5e7a-2d6f-44c0-acd6-b25750b304bd", and thus is broken. We even tried to edit the wiki page from html source editor as provided, and remove "http://" from the address (href="document-details?nodeRef=workspace://SpacesStore/e28b5e7a-2d6f-44c0-acd6-b25750b304bd"). However, after saving the page, "http://" was added automatically to the address.

Does there anyone experience the same problem as ours? or is it a system bug? thanks